Production Caller ID Signal Simulator - Downloads


AI-80 Product Information
1284 KBDownload
AI-80 User Guide & Reference Manual
Operation of AI-80 and accompaning A.I.Workbench software.
3.0895 KBDownload
TRsSim - PSTN Emulation User Guide
Operation of the TRsSim software with the AI-7280/80.
2.00a2.2 MBDownload
TRsSim - Remote Control User Guide
Information on how to control the TRsSim software by a remote application.
1.2517 KBDownload


Application for developing custom test programs on the AI-80.
1.9.2135.0 MBDownload
CID Lite
Application for generating Caller ID signals with the AI-80.
1.1.303.18 MBDownload
TRsSim - Tip/Ring Signal Simulator
Installation package for the TRsSim software. Includes USB driver package.
3.0.85331 MBDownload
TRsSim - Remote Control DLL & .NET Assembly
Code files and documentation for using the Windows DLL and/or .NET assembly to remotely control the TRsSim software.
1.041.28 MBDownload

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