Welcome to Advent Instruments
Advent Instruments Inc. specializes in developing innovative and high performance test equipment for telephony product manufacturers worldwide. Leveraging sophisticated technologies, we aim to create products that provide the features, speed, and accuracy required by designers and production facilities today.

  • AI-5620 Terminal Equipment Simulator


    Test CO line cards, FXS ports, SLICs. Analyze ringing, CAS/DTAS, metering pulses. Generate DTMF, V.23/Bell 202 FSK, arbitrary tones.

  • AI-5120 Telephone Line Monitor


    Monitor & analyze telephony signals, decode ETSI, TIA, NTT Caller ID, fixed line SMS, and capture / view waveforms.

  • AI-7280 Central Office Line Simulator


    Programmable line voltage, current, ringing generator. Generate Type I & II ETSI, TIA, NTT Caller ID. Detect & measure DTMF / pulse dialing.

  • AI-80 Production Caller ID Signal Generator


    Programmable for stand alone operation. Customizable Caller ID signal generation. Generate network tones, detect DTMF.


Key Products:
AI-5120 Telephone Line Monitor
AI-5620 Terminal Equipment Simulator
AI-7280 Central Office Line Simulator
AI-7160 Ringing Signal Generator
AI-80 Production Caller ID Signal Generator