Calibration & Repair

Calibration Service:

The calibration interval for our products is one year. Two different calibration services are available. They are:

  • Standard (AI-K004): Provides complete calibration of the unit with a calibration certificate.

  • Detailed (AI-K005): Provides a complete calibration of the unit with a calibration certificate in addition to before and after test reports.

If calibration is required, please contact us or any of our international representatives to arrange for return of the unit. Calibrations performed at our North American office are typically shipped back within two business days of arrival. The cost for shipping is not included in the quoted cost of a calibration unless requested.

Repair Service:

If a product failure is experienced, please contact our North American or Asia office for assistance.

Repairs for products covered under the standard 1 year warranty or optional extended warranty periods are performed free of any charges for parts or labor, with the exception of products that have suffered from physical neglect or abuse.

All repaired products are automatically calibrated and include a calibration certificate upon return.

Typical repair time for units sent to our North American office is five business days from arrival.