Using the TRsSim software with Windows 7

Installation of TRsSim

It is important to execute the TRsSim setup program with administrator privileges. This ensures that all of the software components used by the application are properly installed.

To execute the setup program with administrator privileges, right click the mouse on the TRsSim setup executable and select the 'Run as administrator' menu item.

Running TRsSim

When using the Windows 7 OS, the TRsSim software should always execute with administrator privileges, or configured to operate under the Windows XP compatibility mode.

To enable the Windows XP compatibility mode, right click the mouse on the TRsSim program icon and select the 'Properties' menu item.

From the displayed window, click on the 'Compatibility' tab. Then click the 'Change settings for all users' button. This displays a window similar to the following.

Ensure the compatibility mode box is checked and the selected mode is 'Windows XP (Service Pack 3)'.

Finally, click the 'OK' button to accept the changes.