Instrument Suite Option
The Instrument Suite option is a Windows (98SE, 2000, XP) software application allowing the AI-5120 Telephone Line Monitor to operate as a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and spectrum analyzer. The software enables the user to investigate the time domain and frequency domain representation of signals through an intuitive graphical interface.

Similar to a conventional oscilloscope, controls located at the right side of the window determine various settings such as vertical scale, horizontal time base, trigger conditions, and cursors. The DSO has a record depth of 5 seconds giving it the ability to capture long dialing or FSK messages, while still being able to zoom into the waveform for analyzing details.

The spectrum analyzer can operate simultaneously with the DSO or by itself. Controls on the right side of the window allow adjustment of the frequency span, center frequency, reference level, and acquisition settings. Both the center frequency and span are adjustable to a maximum limit of 35 kHz. Additional features such as peak hold allow it to capture short transient signals, while averaging assists in measuring noise levels or repetitive signals.

Key Specifications:

Bandwidth100 Hz to 10 kHz
Level Accuracy*+/- 0.2 dB (100 Hz to 10 kHz)
Maximum Capture Time5 seconds
Maximum Signal Leve4 Vrms (sine wave)
Trigger SourcesSignal in, Digital Input A, Digital Input B
Trigger ModesAuto, Normal, Single
Trigger SlopesRising, Falling, Both Edges
MeasurementsFrequency, Peak-Peak voltage, RMS, Cycle RMS
* Level accuracy is specified with Blackman window and no signal filters engaged.

Spectrum Analyzer:
Bandwidth100 Hz to 35 kHz
Level Accuracy*+/- 0.5 dB (100 Hz to 35 kHz)
Maximum Signal Leve4 Vrms (sine wave)
FFT Window TypesRectangular, Blackman, Hanning
Frequency Span35000, 19531, 9766, 7813, 4883, 3906, 2441, 1953, 1563, 976, 781, 390, 312.5, 156.3, 62.5 Hz
Center FrequencyMin: 0 Hz + 1/2 frequency span
Max: 35 kHz - 1/2 frequency span
Other FeaturesPeak Hold, Programmable Averaging