Remote Control Feature
For certain testing applications, it may be useful to control the TRsSim software remotely from another program running on the same PC, or another PC located on the LAN or anywhere on the internet. A common situation is using the AI-5120 Telephone Line Monitor connected to a PC running the TRsSim software, which is then controlled remotely from any other PC. The remote PC can retrieve data on events detected by the AI-5120 and download waveforms as well.

A Windows DLL is supplied with the TRsSim software (vrs 1.16.326 and above) that abstracts the details of the TCP/IP connection along with the protocol used. Using this DLL provides a simple means for controlling the TRsSim software. All of the files required to use this DLL are contained within the "" archive include with the TRsSim installation.

As an alternative approach, users may bypass the DLL and directly setup a TCP/IP connection with the TRsSim software using any development environment or operating system they desire. Information on the command protocol is located in the "TRsSim Remote.hlp" help file (supplied with the TRsSim software). In addition, an example program called "TRsSimRC.exe" can be used to understand the structure of the commands and the types of responses expected from the TRsSim software. This example program is also supplied with the TRsSim installation.

Enabling the Connection:

The TRsSim software can be configured as a server establishing a TCP/IP connection to a single client. By default, this capability is turned off. To enable this ability, select the "Options" command from the "Configuration" menu. Clicking on the tab marked "TCP/IP" shows the following window:

The top checkbox is used to enable or disable the acceptance of remote connections. Additionally, the port number can be changed, and restrictions can be placed on the client IP address. Once 'OK' is clicked, any changes made in the settings take effect.