AI-150 - Caller ID Signal Simulator
Full featured PC based Caller ID Signal Simulator. Generates FSK and DTMF signals for both Type I (on-hook) and Type II (off-hook) Caller ID. Software support for all major international standards such as Telecordia (Bellcore), TIA, ETSI, BT, CCA, and NTT. The windows-based graphical user interface combines ease of use with a large degree of flexibility. Automated testing to various standards is supported.


  • Type I (on-hook) & Type II (off-hook) Caller ID Signal Generation
  • Supports various international standards such as Telecordia (Bellcore), TIA, ETSI (European), BT, CCA, NTT (Japan)
  • Generates both FSK and DTMF based Caller ID
  • Single, Multiple, and Message Waiting data formats
  • Programmable Channel Seizure, Mark, and Markout time
  • Byte-wise and Bit-wise data editing capability
  • Programmable FSK/DTMF frequency, level, twist
  • Programmable Signal-to-Noise ratio and interfering tone
  • Programmable line voltage, current, polarity, and impedance
  • Programmable ringing generator level, frequency, and cadence
  • Advanced impairment testing with FSK drop-outs, echo noise, line polarity reversals, and OSI generation
  • Real time signal capture of CAS and ACK tones for analysis in both time and frequency domain
  • Programmable network tone generation (dial tone, stutter dial tone, busy, ring back)
  • External BNC connectors for audio monitoring and loop-through
  • Digital I/O for external control and signaling
  • Programmable scripting language for automated testing

Downloads - Documents

AI-100 Series Caller ID Simulators
Product information.
1.0444 KBDownload
CID1500 User Guide
Operation of the CID1500 software for TIA/Telcordia/ETSI FSK based Caller ID.
7.01.2 MBDownload
CID750D User Guide
Operation of the CID750D software for DTMF based Caller ID.
1362 KBDownload

Downloads - Software

CID1500 FSK Caller ID Generation
2.71d1.5 MBDownload
CID1500 FSK Caller ID Generation
Patch for version 2.71d.
This update supports the scripting IF InputA and IF InputB commands when using the AI-7280 Central Office Line Simulator. Additionally, the communication time-out has been increased to improve reliability with slower PC's, or PC's running multiple applications. To install, download the 'zip' file and copy its contents over the existing CID1500.exe file.
2.71f246 kBDownload
CID750D DTMF Caller ID Generation
1.41887 KBDownload
CID750D DTMF Caller ID Generation
Patch for version 1.41.
Updated version adds new script commands: WAIT, CALL, and RETURN. The number of script LOOPS is increased to 100 from 10. In addition the software now supports two ring bursts prior to sending the DTMF Caller ID data (used by some European PSTN exchanges). To install, download the 'zip' file and copy its the contents to the existing directory containing the CID750D.exe file.
1.51b100 KBDownload
CID950N NTT Japan Caller ID Generation
1.01b1.1 MBDownload
Windows NT, 2000, XP Driver Package
Drivers needed to operate TSPC based hardware under Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
n/a141 KBDownload