Ringing Signal Generator - Support
The front panel “Ready” indicator shows the state of the AI-7160. Normally it should be illuminated all the time. However, if it flashes or is not illuminated then that indicates an error condition.

The various states of the “Ready” indicator are summarized in the following table.

READY Indicator State Description
OnNormal operationNo critical errors detected, device operating normally.
FlashingError condition detectedAn error condition has been detected. The state of the “Ringing” and “Off-Hook” indicators determine the type of error.
Blinks a number of times every 3 secondsTerminal fault detectedA terminal fault was detected that prevents the firmware from continuing normal operation. One to nine blinks are generated by the “Ready” indicator every 3 seconds. The unit must be power cycled to recover.
OffPower failure, hardware fault, or bootloader activatedEither the power supply failed, or the MCU encountered a hard fault, or the firmware boot loader program is active. In all cases normal communication with the device is not possible.

When an error occurs the “Ringing” and “Off-Hook” indicators can be used to provide more information on the type of error. The following table summaries the possible error conditions.

RINGING Indicator OFF-HOOK Indicator Description
OffOffInternal software operating system fault.
OnOffEEPROM memory has been found to be corrupted. The default values for all settings are used instead.
FlashingOffPower supply under voltage. This indicates a possible failure of the internal power supply

If any of these error conditions are encountered please contact technical support for assistance. The unit may have to be returned for repair.