Terminal Equipment Simulator - Support

Vrs 1.47 - Feb. 10, 2011

1. Fixes to realtime capture download to remove potential buffer overrun at the end of capture memory.

Vrs 1.46 - June 2, 2010

1. Modify system reset script to prevent resetting event timer (TimerA.Value).

Vrs 1.45 - Feb. 9, 2010

1. Changed the default correction factor values for the tip voltage sense so units don't automatically protect themselves during production testing.
2. Fixed minor bug in 'Protect.Status' which wasn't setting the AC termination or REN load protection bit when they were removed due to high DC voltage.
3. Subtle changes in SIL1_INITIALIZE to change r6,r7 to r0,r1 (no effect, just code clarity).
4. Fixed bug in maximum voltage protection.
5. Increased the timeouts for power protection to 2 seconds.
6. Deprecated HAL extension entries 105,108, 133 as they no longer apply.
7. Added 2 UPD file entries for the R and C values in the 1 REN load (other values are calculated). If these are absent then the default TIA loads are assumed.
8. If no loads are applied the estimated power dissipation is also checked against a lower limit.
9. Changed the power protection so it estimates the power splitting between different loads and then compares the associated power limit.
10. Removed maximum current limit from the protection algorithm - current is only limited when short circuit relay is engaged.
11. Fixed bug in 'Pulse.Count' in which the get routine was not implemented resulting in the prior value being returned. Also changed underlying representation to integer to prevent accidental fractional count values making the algorithm lose sync.

Vrs 1.40 - Dec. 1, 2009

1. Added a schedulable action (Scheduler.Action = 9) which raises an interrupt at a specified time. This can be used as a means to invoke scripts with improved timing.

Vrs 1.39 - Nov. 30, 2009

1. Added the TimerA.RollCount property which counts the number of times that TimerA has rolled over.
2. Added scheduling support using the SCHEDULER property group.
3. Raise 2xx events to notify the PC of basic actions taken by the firmware which mostly report changes to hookswitch and signal generators.
4. Added Event.Filter property which allows for selective reporting of events by type.
5. Modified the protection mechanism such that the tip lead voltage is now monitored and the telephone line will be disconnected if the absolute tip voltage exceeds a threshold.
6. Added Data.AddPattern and Data.PatternLength properties which enables applications to add bit patterns verbatim up to 24 bits at a time.

Vrs 1.38 - Nov. 4, 2009

1. Add MFGen.FreqOffset1 and MFGen.FreqOffset2 properties for adjusting the MF generator's symbol frequency by a fixed amount in units of Hertz.
2. Reworked the MF generator to allow for customized off times per symbol. Index values 1001 to 1020 now specify the off time for the symbols 1 through 20 respectively. Writing to the 'OffTime' property is now a shortcut to load the first 16 symbols in the MF generator.
3. Reworked the MF generator so if a symbol has a negative or zero offtime then the next symbol will be started immediately without phase discontinuity.

Vrs 1.36 - Oct. 13, 2009

1. Add new commands for accessing the internal flash memory.
2. Improve line state detector to prevent static ambiguous line states.
3. Improve ringing detector measurements with asymmetrical wave shapes.

Vrs 1.33 - Sept. 23, 2009

1. Improve measurement accuracy in CAS/DTAS detector.
2. Improve measurement accuracy in ringing detector.
3. Fix a bug that caused incorrect metering pulse frequnency measurements.
4. Add two additional properties to record the minimum and maximum voltage measured during ringing.
5. Improve side tone rejection of the 2 to 4 wire hybrid.

Vrs 1.32 - July 30, 2009

1. Modify line state detector to reject spurious conditions that may be present the moment ringing has ended.
2. Add the DIO.InAMode property which is used to engage the off-hook state via the digital input A connector.